Kate Stickley's Master's Thesis Project - FINDINGS



Fall 2011  || Back to Findings

COURSE 1: Social Discourses in Education

COURSE 2: Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum

A Group Project -"Sports and Fitness Across Space and Time"

COURSE 3: Literacy - Issues and Analysis

ELA& M MATH - Grade 6 -"Reading the World"

COURSE 4: Teaching Mathematics in Childhood Education

Devin and Faith Get Their First Job - by Kate Stickley


SPRING 2012  || Back to Findings

COURSE 5:  Children and Adolescent Urban Communities

COURSE 6:  Childhood Education-Student Teaching


SUMMER 2012  || Back to Findings

COURSE 7: Teaching & Learning Science in Child Ed.


COURSE 8: Contextualizing Literacy Instruction

COURSE 9:  Geology of NY State

FALL 2012  || Back to Findings

COURSE 10:  Pedagogy 1


COURSE 11:  Seminar in Applied Theory and Research 1

SPRING 2013  || Back to Findings
COURSE 12: Introduction to Literary Critical Theory
COURSE 13: Seminar in Applied Theory and Research 2
COURSE 14:: Introduction to Critical Theory
COURSE 12: Number Systems in Elementary Education