Kate Stickley's Master's Thesis Project - ABOUT THE PROJECT

My name is Rosemary Caroline Catherine Stickley. People call me Kate. This is my Master's Thesis Project. I am submitting it to Brooklyn College in 2013 to fulfill a requirement for a Master's Degree in Childhood Education.

My goal in this project is to investigate Student Voice by creating an On-LineTeacher Candidate Portfolio which will be reflective of what I have learned during my graduate studies and useful to me in my professional practice.

In this Project, I, the Teacher Candidate, will reflect on each of the courses completed for the Masters Program in Childhood Education at Brooklyn College. For each course, I, the Teacher Candidate, will submit a comprehensive portfolio of completed work which shall include: 12 completed survey's (one for each course), samples of coursework submitted and suggestions for how the experience can useful in professional practice.

The Aim of This Project is to make my own learning visible both to myself and to others by investigating my own Student Voice. I, the Teacher Candidate, will be able to better understand my own learning process and will have created an organized body of work reflective of my teaching practices.